Seeking a New Minister

Dear Unity Center for Spiritual Growth Members and Friends,


                                  The Board is in the process of preparing information that must be submitted to Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) as a step in the process of seeking a new Minister. This will be a task of vital interest and importance to all Unity members and supporters. It is essential we get the participation of all of you as we determine what to look for in a new Minister to support our many and varied spiritual needs. UWM, recognizing the challenges of this endeavor, has a series of questions they request we, as a community, consider and thoughtfully answer. Your thoughts and the answers to these questions will be discussed in a special spirited and spiritual breakfast Service on Sunday, October 22nd. This service will replace our normal service format on this date and be guided by Jeanne Keller. We are encouraging you to attend if at all possible, and voice your thoughts during this Service. The questions themselves are provided below for you to consider and discuss freely so everyone will be prepared for this special Service. If, for any reason, you are unable to attend this Service, we would still be grateful for your input. You can respond to these questions by email to, by posted letter to Unity Center for Spiritual Growth, 6025 Ada Drive, Ada MI 49301, or verbally with any of our board members prior to the 22nd. Please give of your time and wisdom to help us answer the following:



1.       Are we ready to begin our search for a new minister?  If no, what needs to be addressed and resolved before the search begins?

2.       What are the top 2-3 strengths/positive qualities of UCSG?

3.       What are the top 2-3 things you believe UCSG should accomplish in the next 3 years?

4.       What do you envision as the focal point of the Minister?


Ø  Spiritual guidance through Sunday services, classes, counseling

Ø  Working co-creatively with the Board of Trustees to grow UCSG into a thriving spiritual center

Ø  Encourage and foster a vibrant youth ed program

Ø  Other ideas?

5.       Rank the following qualities of a new Minister from most important to least important (“1” most important to “5” least important)

Ø  Communication (Inspirational speaker, good listener, demonstrates prayer consciousness)

Ø  Human Relations (compassionate, sensitive, fosters collaboration and compromise)

Ø  Pastoral Care (home/hospital visits, prays with members)

Ø  Leadership (inspires a sense of confidence, mentors/develops others, encourages volunteer participation)

Ø  Spiritual Counseling (maintains confidences, helps people develop a spiritual practice, ministers to people in crisis)


If you have any questions on this effort, please contact me or any of our Board members.


In support of our community,


Bill Bussey


UCSG Board President