January Sunday Morning Inspiration

Welcome to Sunday Morning Inspiration!

Life can be so much more fun when we think of it as a game to be played raither than a struggle to be endured. Coaching consultant and singer extraordinaire, Kristen Hartnagel, and License Unity Teacher and Spiritual Leader, Jeanne Keller, have teamed up to present a fun series of Sunday talks for January. 

The Game of Life and How to Play It!
We are ready to teach you to play the game of L–I–F–E!
Love, Inspiration, Fear (not!) and Expectations
Please join us every Sunday in January  at 10:30am for this series of enlightening and entertaining talks, and fabulous music, to help you begin 2018 with joyful anticipation!  And don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Spiritual Brunch on Sunday, Jan 21 --- “Fear (not!)” will be Kristen’s talk topic that day and breakfast will be enjoyed while the Board brings us up to date on the Minister search, the 2018 budget, and answers any questions you might have.  Let’s make this New Year the best one yet!