A positive path for spiritual living

Lesson Podcast

Here is the broadcast of the Sunday service title: "Don't Tell Me That's Not What You Meant!"Click Here for Message
Rev. Gy presents an alternate approach to fleeing in the face of adversity, proving that surprising and unexpectedly positive results can come from...
Rev. Gy celebrates the recent changes in marriage equality, and celebrates a change in her own life.
Rev. Gy shares a moving message, emphasizing our oneness and challenging each of us to examine our role in a sustainable future of equality and love...
Rev. Gy shares her thoughts on the many forms of love, and our personal role in it.
Rev. Gy describes a place where our dreams are parked between idea and reality, and how zeal can help motivate us to take action.
Rev. Gy provides a detailed roadmap for creating obstacles, enduring hardships, and generally making our lives much more difficult than necessary.
Rev. Gy challenges us to evolve spiritually and emotionally by opening ourselves to change and transformation.
Jeanne Keller delivers an inspiring Unity message, empowering us to take action, become the most effective expressions of God in body and mind, and...